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Tigers Jaw, Lemuria & Somos @ The Glass House – 5|8|15


 Tigers Jaw, Lemuria, Somos

MAY 8 2015 | The Glass House, Pomona, CA

Often, for myself, after over a decade of steady show going, album reviewing, forum crawling, and general participation and observation of this music scene of ours; find it easier and easier to become jaded about music these days. Statically speaking my best shows are behind me and everything from here on out is on this very gentlle but never-ending slope downward as the music that means the most to me falls out of touch and the artists lose steam and disband.


Having thought I would never get to see Tigers Jaw after their 2013 disbanding I was elated to catch the remaining structure of the band supporting their, in my opinion under-rated, 2014 release “Charmer” and I must say despite having Tigers Jaw on a steady listening rotation for the better part of the last six or seven years, some of their latest songs have already surpassed some of the classic tracks.



Nervously jittery I squatted in front of the barrier awaiting them to make their way on stage. I had so much emotional memory and nostalgia invested in their recordings I was afraid they’d have a tough time living up to the mental image I had for them. Thankfully they delivered. Pouring out the perfect mix of new and old while ignoring all the fat in the middle.





The audience audibly appreciated the set selection and this was the first time I really noticed how popular Tigers Jaw is. Sold out Glass House show with the entire crowd screaming along, the kind of passion that creates new nostalgia. New mental bar for this band is set in my mind.






150424_1514 150424_1526



Lemuria is a band that I’ve had some qualms with before but perhaps purely out of ignorance. This was my first time seeing them as well, and I really couldn’t ask for a better setting, then squashed right between two really solid bands.

150424_1085 150424_1105

I was completely surprised at how much I enjoyed their live set after never having come to an agreement with their recordings. I had to consciously stop myself from bopping and grooving as all my shots started coming out more blurry. This band definitely won me over that night, and only later did I realize this was the band everyone I talked to was most interested in.

150424_1163  150424_1136







Not often is it that going into a show the band I’m most excited to see is the opener. After having listened to Somos’ Temple of Plenty non-stop since it dropped I was eagerly awaiting the chance to see how the songs translate live. Somos isn’t exactly a difficult band to get into and their performance really wasn’t that far off from the records.


They played tight short set to a mostly un-familiar audience, and may have losted them in the middle but the opening and closing of their performance was good enough to to keep their name in everyone’s ear even after seeing Lemuria and Tigers Jaw These young pups still have plenty of work ahead of them and i’m anxious to see what comes next.