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Pierce the Veil, Sleeping With Sirens, Beartooth, PVRIS, The Wild Life & Mallory Knox


 :Colin Eldridge

The World Tour | NOV 17/JAN 23
Pomona, CA/San Diego, CA


I was fortunate enough to catch the first day of both legs of Pierce the Veil and Sleeping With Sirens “World Tour” each leg offering different opening support yet closing with same killer production each night. Make no mistake, this was deserving of a “World Tour” title, this is the big leagues, a huge production with a huge crew behind it and it showed. Each band brought a powerful and well rehearsed showcase of the material that’s launched them to this level of fame. Audience inclusivity is the game with these guys and they win every time, giving their fans exactly what they’re looking for.

(ft. Pierce the Veil, Sleeping With Sirens, Beartooth, PVRIS, This Wild Life and Mallory Knox)

Leg 1 – The Fox Theatre – NOV 17


This Wild Life opened the night and loosened up the crowd with their catchy acoustic pop-rock.

141108_0143 141108_0133 141108_0096 141108_0070

Beartooth then took to stage and flipped the mood on it’s head with their heavy and perfectly chaotic set.

141108_0377 141108_0227




141108_0189 141108_0158

141108_0363 141108_0331

Sleeping With Sirens production was on point with production via their own theme song, video and light panels connected to live streaming cameras on stage.


141108_0578 141108_0542 141108_0501

Normally fans get bummed out when bands play mostly new material but this isn’t the case with Pierce the Veil who’s newer material highlights the night and translates perfectly into their live set.



Kellin Quinn joined PTV during “King For A Day” perfect encore for this tour.

Leg 2 – SDSU – JAN 23


PVRIS secured their place on my car playlist for an indefinite amount of time after this show. The first hook of their first song caught me. This was actually PVRIS’s biggest show of their career up that point but you couldnt tell with the amount of confidence they kicked off this tour with.

150124_3578 150124_3428 150124_3455 150124_3569

Mallory Knox played their first US show ever on this tour, while the audience was unfamiliar they grooved along during the whole set as they were slowly convinced there was good reason they belonged on this lineup.


Sleeping With Sirens yet again plows through the same set with even more energy for an even bigger audience.

150124_3979  150124_4172

150124_4348 150124_4265 150124_4364

150124_4193   150124_4092 150124_4079


And Pierce the Veil brought down the house during the biggest home town show of their career.






150124_4541 150124_4525    150124_4452  150124_4675