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Prawn & Frameworks @ The Voodoo Room – 4|29|15


Prawn & Frameworks

April 21 2015 | The Voodoo Room – San Diego, CA

This is the type of band that got me so into the scene. Not the band with the huge tour package and thousands of screaming fans, but the band like this who’s been touring for a decade and is still struggling to find their audience. Yet nonetheless they persevere and march onward into ever convoluted and over saturated pool music that is our modern music scene. This band isn’t trying to be anything they’re not and in my opinion is a better band for it. They really found their voice on their latest record “King Fisher” and bring something to the table for everyone between the catchy noodling, pop-punk hooks and thumping drums ever so tightly delivered it was hard not groove with them.




Unfortunately for how solid of a lineup the show was the turnout was a bit disappointing to say the least and I’m sure a bit unexpected for both bands label (Topshelf Records) after having very recently re-located to San Diego. Despite the small turnout and according to Frameworks, the bellies of burritos, both bands put on solid sets primarily of their latest efforts.

150422_0322 150422_0651 150422_0477

Frameworks was a band I was 92% unaware of coming into this show, only knowing them from a recent free Topshelf Records sampler. Easily won me over with they’re live set to an audience fewer than 20 people and I really think it’s shows like that where you get the best glimpse into the commitment and dedication of a band. Halfway through tour, you’re tired, you’re way more excited about playing LA tomorrow and not having a 10 hour drive, you’ve used all your drink tickets before your set, and then you see its probably one of the smallest turnouts of tour and yet somehow still finding the strength to push to come out swinging during your set and make an impression.


150422_0143 150422_0314