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From Indian Lakes, The Soil & The Sun, Lemolo – 4|29|15




From Indian Lakes, The Soil & The Sun, Lemolo

APR 29 2015 | The Voodoo Room – San Diego, CA

Another first live performance for me, and another one that gives me hope for the future of this scene. From Indian Lakes based on their two stellar full-lengths, had brought together this tour and filled the room. They put barriers up at the Voodoo room. It was by far the most kids I’d ever seen crammed into the side stage. With good reason. I’m surprised this band isn’t on the MainStage already.

150430_2005 150430_2250

From Indian Lakes is just hitting their stride and picking up steam. Their new album Absent Sounds is the band at it’s truest and this really shows in the live performance of the newer songs. Everyone just seems more comfortable with the new material and they make it look easy. Joey Vannucchi’s vocal prowess should definitely be noted for his versatility and accuracy. I was pleasantly surprised with both his falsetto and his screaming.


150430_2030  150430_2216 150430_2138

150430_2269 150430_2272 150430_2278 150430_2364 150430_2398


150430_2310 150430_2311



The Soil & The Sun

I’d only ever heard of these guys from their Audiotree sessions and I soon after found out they were also represented by Audiotree and recorded their most recent full-length at Audiotree headquarters. I was in. I was so ready for their performance. They literally overflowed the tiny stage with their 7 musicians some of which were dealing with multiple instruments. It took them a little long to get situated and everyone plotted our their own 2×2″ space for the next 35 minutes or so. Despite their physical space limitation these guys layed down a powerful wall of sound, well-worthy of their organic and natural sounding name.





Perception of time and reality stopped as the universe vibrated and channeled it’s very meaning and existence through this group of seven unnaturally gifted beings on a tiny side stage of San Diego’s House of Blues. Only blessing the 200 or so From Indian Lakes fans and random street late night downtown street dweller, with their cosmic waves of emotion. The experience that was The Soil & The Sun ended far too soon and abruptly as reality and perception of time came crashing down on me.

150430_1905 150430_1908




150430_1811 150430_1890


Tour opening act Lemolo, seemed to struggle to pack as much of a punch as their veteran tour mates but I suppose part of that comes with playing in a 2 piece. Not to say the songwriting wasn’t there, as Meagan Grandall’s songwriting is without a doubt they were noticed for this tour.



The duo’s spacey indie-pop definitely set the mood and fit right in. Maybe it’s the over-poweringness of the other bands on this bill, but I really think Lemolo would benefit from a few other bands. Noneless I’m stoked to what bills their unique sound lands them on next.


150430_1698 150430_1717